Artist Statement:

As a dancer, choreographer, songwriter and performing artist storytelling has always been at the core of my life’s work and embedded in my artistry.  Working specifically with digital photography I love capturing moments that allow me to freeze a subject in time.  I’m most drawn to photographing people of color to highlight and narrate the stories of individuals who shape our global culture but often don’t get credited for their cultural contributions.  I love being able to capture these provocative images of people of color, and in doing so I feel it allows us in a way to take back our power and to frame us as we see ourselves and not how history has so often inaccurately depicted us. Routinely the writers of history falsely frame us as being a defeated people, lazy, savage or only seen as the disenfranchised and over sexualized.  My belief is that every individual has the power to write their own narrative, and art is a universal language that allows that message to reach all people no matter who you are or where you’re from, or what language you speak. I want to tell our story, the good, the bad and the ugly.  I want to tell our story with sincere honesty while framing it as an immersive human experience and not from the lens of a spectator but from the lens of the people living it.


Darryl Dwayne Walker is a tv correspondent, creative director, movement specialist, and visual artist. Originally hails from Norfolk Virginia born to two parents who migrated from the deep south of Birmingham Alabama. Darryl is best known for his work as a performing artist and his corresponding work in front of the camera for the tv show "Montage."


Starting and completing the first half of his higher education at The Art Institute of Philadelphia and finishing the second half of his higher education at Norfolk State University. His career as a dancer and performing artist started while acquiring his BA of Fine Arts with a focus in fashion marketing.  The opportunity to tour and book work as a dancer were opened and he would share the stage with international recording artist such as Mario, Monica, T.R.U, Carl Thomas, Cheri Dennis and many more. 

Darryl has since danced in Off-Broadway Show "Cain and Able" starring multi-platinum recording artist Grammy winner Fred Hammond. He has also served as Creative Director and choreographing theater productions with Atlantic Records recording artist and song writer Darrell "Tank" Babbs as well as Aunjanue Ellis from the film "The Help," and CBS's "The Mentalist" along with many other stage productions and photoshoots.  Mr. Walker has also worked on indie film "Incomplete" overseeing costume and wardrobe design for the film and its entire cast. Darryl continues to teach master dance classes, choreograph and book work for music videos, commercials, film and television.  

Currently as a digital and mixed media artist, Darryl Dwayne is flexing his performing arts background and television personality skills at the same time.  Working as a The Coordinator Of Community Engagement at the Newark Museum of Art where he is also the Creative Director over yearly summer productions and works in partnership with the artist in residency program. He manages his day job all while moonlighting as an entertainment news correspondent for the TV show "Montage," which airs on TV in Atlanta, Virginia, DC, Northern Virginia, Fresno, and New York City.  Working for Montage has allowed Darryl to further cultivate his skill behind and in front of the camera. Darryl’s digital art/photography work has been on view at The Newark Museum of Art, Newark, NJ, The Newark Arts Festival, and Prospect St. Firehouse Cultural Center, Newark, NJ.  The quote that Darryl has coined and lives by is "I Dream In Color As I Paint My Reality," and he continues to do just that.

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